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Valentín Robledo, 2
28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón
(Madrid) Spain

Our Team

Our teachers are carefully selected, highly specialized with an average of fifteen years of experience, and committed to helping each pupil reach his/ her own full potential.

The teachers form a cohesive team and are a source of support, not only to the students and families, but also to each other as they grow and develop professionally.

We continually modernize and update our program and teaching methods. In order to do so, teachers frequently attend conferences in Spain and abroad.

In addition to our staff, we also count with the invaluable assistance of Barbara Gaitskell, Art Teacher, Cheryl Osborn, Psychologist, and Arthur Rodin, Speech Therapist.

Ms. Louise Aulbach

Position: Educational Director.

Subjects taught: English, Math, Literature, U.S. Government, U.S. History, Psychology, Careers in High School. All subjects in Middle School.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology/Special Education from Grand Valley State University; Masters in Learning Disabilities from Grand Valley State University.

Mr. Jim Self

Position: Teacher.

Subjects taught: Science, Literature.

Education: Bachelor of Science and Post-Graduate Masters Degree in Genetics from York University (UK).

Ms. Mercedes Yoon

Position: Teacher.

Subjects taught: English, Spanish, Literature, Math, Social Studies, World History.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Special Education from Wheelock College, Boston, MA.

Ms. Cynthia Schmidt

Position: Teacher.

Subjects taught: U.S. History, World Literature, Integrated Algebra, Geometry.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Education from Colorado Women's College; Masters in English Literature from Saint Louis University.

Ms. Barbara Gaitskell

Position: Art Teacher.

Subjects taught: Art, Drawing, Painting.

Education: Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Fine Art Painting; Masters in Art Design History, Foundation Year in Art Therapy.

Ms. Amanda Brooke

Position: Secretary.

Subjects taught: Typing, ESL.

Education: Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Spanish from Southampton University (UK); Post-Graduate Certificate in Secretarial Studies (English/French/ Spanish) from Ealing Polytechnic (UK).